Christmas event for undocumented refugees

In and around Wageningen, 17 single adults and five families with children ended up on the street without any means of support. These people –asylum seekers, each with a complex story– are not entitled by the government for help and housing because they were initially rejected for a residence permit. Currently, they await completion of their procedure or are preparing to return to their home country.

To prevent them from roaming the streets, the Shelter for Refugees Foundation (Vluchteling onder Dak, VOD) in Wageningen provides them with modest care and assistance. The VOD offers their clients practical, emotional and legal help and if possible, accommodation and living expenses. Together with the client VOD works towards a future in the Netherlands or elsewhere. Finding solutions is sometimes a process of years, but not in vain; in the last three years 17 of the clients got their residence permit and several clients where assisted in their return.

It is extremely difficult to maintain hope in a situation of great uncertainty, especially when it seems like you are not treated as human being. To bring some light in these dark days VOD organises an event for their clients where Christmas gifts are distributed with basic necessities.

You can help by making a donation to NL 82 INGB 0007 5346 68 in name of ‘Fonds Vluchteling onder Dak’. The donations are used to assemble the Christmas gifts and remaining amounts will benefit the regular work of the VOD. All contributions are very welcome!

Stichting Vluchteling Onder Dak (Shelter for Refugees Foundation)

0317 – 450140

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